Boermarke desserts

As a family company, we produce dairy fresh and frozen products for over 30 years. Every day we – along with 150 colleagues – make the best products for our partners in retail, B2B and foodservice. Our origins lie in dairy products, and now, we also make the best plant based alternatives for yogurt, cheese and ice cream.

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Plant based cheese

We produce and pack a wide assortment of plant-based (vegan) cheese alternatives which we can offer under private label. Available varieties: young Gouda, Greek white block, Mozzarella-style, Parmesan-style and Cheddar-style. All available in slices, grated, flakes and blocks.

Plant based yogurt

For several years, Boermarke is producing plant-based yogurt alternatives based on coconut, soy, almond and oats. Available as conventional and organic.

Next to the possibility to add sauce to the product as a fruit layer on the bottom we now can also offer the sauce as stirred through the yogurt. Available flavors: Mango, peach, strawberry, vanilla etc. Available in cups from 100 ml – 500 ml or even deliver in 500 liter tanks for B2B purposes

Dairy Yogurt

We produce a wide assortiment of dairy yogurts: low fat, high fat, high-protein, thickened and Greek-style yogurts. Available in cups, bags, buckets and containers. Furthermore we can offer you a complete fresh yogurt concept including a tap machine

Dairy and plant based icecreams

We are specialist in unique ice cream concepts such as ice cream waffles, ice cream donuts, American pints, soft-serve ice cream, etc.

Visible from start to finish

Thanks to our advanced digital system, all products within Boermarke are visible and traceable from the beginning to the end of the production process. The goods acceptance system and specific batch codes, both for incoming goods and our own products, help to ensure optimal traceability.


Boermarke has its own quality service that ensures optimal production and stable quality of its products. Every day, all manufactured products are verified in our own certified laboratory for odor, color, taste and microbiological aspects. Incoming goods are strictly controlled and specific batch codes are assigned to both incoming raw materials and finished products, so possible problems are quickly traced. We guarantee consumers a high level of safety and quality through strict control of the entire production chain.