Something for everyone with the most delicious desserts!

Whether you are looking for an individual portion package, a group dessert or a large package: Boermarke has it all! Boermarke's custard is a fresh product with guaranteed quality. Extremely suitable for Foodservice due to a wide variety of flavors and delivery options. The wide range consists of various portion cups, liter bottles and buckets of 5 kg and 10 kg.

For lovers of luxury custard, Boermarke has full products such as custard and double custard, custard yogurt and pudding with sauce. Extremely suitable for catering, but of course also in the institution kitchen a favorite dessert!

Fruit products

Fruit puree and fruit salads, portioned and in bulk packaging, will be the perfect addition to your menu. For fresh snacks or as a side dish, the fruit varieties of Boermarke are extremely suitable. Hygienically packaged in cups with a clear seal, the products are an attractive convenience product with a delicious variant for everyone. Surprise your guests with soft tutti frutti, fresh pineapple pieces and pieces of tropical fruit in syrup.

Ice cream and mousse

For over 20 years, Boermarke has been making tongue-pleasing ice cream and mousse according to an authentic recipe, but without processing eggs! In addition to an extensive catering range, the range of portion-packed coupes of ice cream and mousse has grown strongly over the years. There are now many flavors available such as traditional mousse chipolata and macaroons, but also fresh strawberries, peach and pineapple. We also have delicious weekend and holiday coupes in our range. An additional range of products without added sugar (ZTS) is available.


There are leaflets of the complete range of Boermarke. You can view these in the menu our range, brochures. For more information about deliveries, we are happy to assist you via our contact form or by telephone on telephone number 053 – 432 48 02. We would love to hear from you!

Wessel van Setten

Sales Director Foodservice

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