Dé partner in verse en plantaardige zuivel producten

The partner in (plant-based) Dairy since 1987

Boermarke is more than just a production site, it is the partner for the production of the tastiest plant-based dairy alternatives. We follow trends and new introductions closely. This way we can always respond to the demand from our market.

Our range
We are the partner for plant-based dairy alternatives. The most delicious vegetable cheese, yogurt and ice cream are made here. Plant-based dairy substitutes for a healthy, sustainable and conscious diet.
Our range
As a trading partner, we also offer the possibility of warehousing. In this we manage the product to distribute it later. We facilitate this with our own goods storage and transport.
Within Boermarke we are working non-stop to improve existing products and develop new products. For this we have our own R&D team, which is happy to work with the wishes of the customer. Nothing is impossible and improvements to ingredients, taste or packaging are always possible.
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About Boermarke

Boermarke is characterized by producing the tastiest (plant-based) dairy alternatives. In addition to the many types of ice cream, custard, yoghurt, mousse, porridge, cottage cheese and fruit products, our company in Twente also makes plant-based cheese, yoghurt and ice cream. Our range contains something for everyone. Boermarke makes, delivers and develops on behalf of you! Flexibility will therefore always be one of our core values.

For a better future for people and nature!

Boermarke is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. The whole process from the farmer to the finished product on the shelves requires a lot of attention. We therefore find it very important that our products are produced in a pleasant way for people and the environment.

Therefore, for our dairy range, all raw milk supplied by Boermarke is pasture milk. This means that the cows graze outside for at least 120 days a year, 6 hours a day.

Most of the raw milk supplied to Boermarke meets the requirements of the “sustainable pasture dairy " program. This is milk from selected farmers whose cows graze in the pasture for at least 130 days, 8 hours a day. The sustainable pasture dairy program also pays extra attention to the environment and animal welfare.

Plant-based: cheese, yoghurt, ice cream

At Boermarke we have developed tasty cheese alternatives. These 'cheeses' are 100% vegan and V-label approved. These are products with a wonderful creamy taste and serve as an excellent alternative to dairy cheese. It is available as a private label, but also as our Vairy brand.

Different variants from slices and grated cheese to cubes, blocks and flakes.

Curious about what we can produce for you?
Contact us: info@boermarke.eu

Werken bij Boermarke

Wij werken aan mooie en lekkere producten. Producten waar we elke dag een glimlach van krijgen. Samen met jou willen wij dié glimlach ook bij onze klanten op het gezicht toveren. En natuurlijk ook bij de uiteindelijke consument! Kom jij werken bij Boermarke?