Boermark Plant-based

Your plant-based dairy partner.

Plant-based dairy alternatives that are good for you and the planet

We are constantly innovating to bring the best plant-based products to market. Our mission is simple: to make it easy for you to enjoy responsibly at any time of the day.

Our range includes everything from plant-based milk to cheese and yoghurt and ice cream, all made with ingredients such as soy, lentils, coconut, almonds and oats. We pride ourselves on offering delicious and sustainable options that are good for your health as well as the planet.

But it's not just about the products. At Boermarke, we believe in the power of collaboration. That's why we work closely with our customers to co-create new recipes, improve our processes and tailor our products to their specific needs.

We are professional, result-oriented and always looking for new ways to innovate. Whether it's our focus on vitality and modern thinking or our commitment to using the highest quality ingredients, we strive to be the best in the industry.

Plant-based: cheese, spreads, ice cream, yoghurt

At Boermarke we have developed tasty cheese alternatives. These 'cheeses' are 100% vegan and V-label approved. They have a wonderful creamy taste and serve as an excellent alternative to dairy cheese. You can get them as private label or under our Vairy brand.

We offer several variants of slices and grated cheese.

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Your partner in plant-based dairy

As a family business, Boermarke has been producing fresh dairy products for more than 30 years. Full of passion, we make the tastiest products every day. Our origins lie in daily fresh dairy and we now also make the tastiest products on a vegetable basis.

About Boermarke

Boermarke is characterized by producing the tastiest (plant-based) dairy alternatives. In addition to the many types of ice cream, custard, yoghurt, mousse, porridge, cottage cheese and fruit products, our company in Twente also makes plant-based cheese, yoghurt and ice cream. Our range contains something for everyone. Boermarke makes, delivers and develops on behalf of you! Flexibility will therefore always be one of our core values.

Vegetable cheese

We produce and package a wide range of vegetable (vegan) cheese alternatives that we can offer under private label. Available variations: young gouda, Greek white block, mozzarella style, Parmesan style and cheddar style. All available in slices, grated, flakes and blocks.