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As a family business, Boermarke has been producing fresh dairy products for more than 30 years. Full of passion, we make the tastiest products every day. Our origins lie in daily fresh dairy and we now also make the tastiest products on a vegetable basis. We work on distinctive products and concepts with the right balance between healthy, responsible and enjoyment, where taste always remains the starting point.

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Within our extensive range at Boermarke you will find a variety of delicious dairy products, including many types of ice cream, custard, yoghurt, mousse, porridge, cottage cheese and fruit products. But also vegetable cheese, yogurt and ice cream. With years of experience and expertise, we have perfected our products to meet the expectations of both the consumer and the professional sector. You can download and view our full range in PDF format.


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Boermarke is active in various markets. For more information about this, and the services we offer per market, click on one of the pages below.

Vairy: our plant-based dairy alternative

Dairy products with a delicious creamy taste that serve as an excellent alternative to dairy cheese.